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The Domain Industry is Forever Changing

The domain industry is on the brink of facing the biggest change it has seen in a very long time. Companies and individuals that wish to build a Web site can now create a top-level domain name with any extension they can think of. No longer are companies and individuals stuck with only .com, .org or .net for their new domains, but can create an extension that is custom to their product. For example, Coca Cola can have a domain name that ends in .coke or there could be a web address ending in .atlanta. Internet marketing and branding are going to become a larger challenge with these new domain names. As it is such a tremendous undertaking, you made need to turn to an outside company for help.

One other thing that this means is that the rules of SEO are also going to be changing. Search engines will now have an extremely more difficult task in determining which Web sites are of high quality. In order to adapt to these changes, many algorithmic changes will be made to the crawling and indexing process. With the new face of the domain industry inching closer and closer, it is imperative that you, as a company, can align yourself with someone that knows SEO and can help you through these changes in the coming years. mRELEVANCE is staffed with many individuals who understand what search engines look for when crawling and what makes a Web site high quality, and can help your company adapt to these changes in the industry.