The Great Pretender

Let’s Play Pretend!

Do you remember when you were little pretending to be a doctor? And how about the actors on television ads who come right out and state, “I’m not a doctor, but I play one on TV.”  Even way back in the 50s The Platters sang the popular song “The Great Pretender.” This song is about pretending to be well and playing the game even with a broken heart. We all have seen examples of this type of pretending on social networking sites, and really it is fairly harmless. It is the equivalent of putting your game face on. The Internet puts an entirely new twist on pretending. The anonymity of hiding behind a fake name and profile gives many people the ability to pretend to be something or even worse, someone they aren’t.

From adults pretending to be children to interact with other children to companies creating fake profiles to interact with buyers as part of a marketing campaign, on the Internet it can certainly be a case of buyer beware.

Are you a pretender? Do you have a fake profile? Have you launched social networking sites and created personal profiles for corporations? Do you have multiple profiles on a social networking site? If so, why are you pretending? Are you scared to let people see the real you? Do you think your marketing doesn’t stand a chance if you have to play by the rules?

Social Media is all about transparency. It is important for potential buyers to know who they are interacting with. If you are creating smoke and mirrors and hiding behind an assumed name, you will eventually be outed.  Let’s keep the great pretender as a good memory of a 1950s song!