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How to Market a Business – The Marketing Puzzle

MarketingThere are a lot of pieces to marketing your business. How do the pieces all fit together? How do you know how and what to budget for your marketing program and where you should put your money for the largest return on investment? “Piecing Together the Marketing Puzzle” will demonstrate what marketing looks like from the 30,000 foot level and then drill down to explain how to position your website as the center of your strategy. Get ideas for improving your marketing program with dozens of real-world examples of successful and innovative marketing tactics. This seminar will provide big picture marketing strategy guidance for marketing both products and services and show you really, how to market a business.

During the seminar you will:

  • Find out which tactics are the most important in a successful marketing program
  • Learn how your marketing tactics relate to one another and all lead customers back to the foundation of your strategy
  • Discover the key aspects of what makes an effective website: responsive design/mobile compatibility, usability, search effectiveness and goal conversion/tracking

This fast -paced seminar can be delivered as a 90 minute session, half day workshop, one-or two-day workshop. Request more information here.

Additionally, this class can cater to the 30,000 foot level C suite or to intermediate or advanced level sales and marketing professionals. Advanced classes will cover how the various elements of digital marketing attract customers; how to use social media to successfully engage customers, extend brand presence and cultivate relationships; and get ideas and instructions for implementation, including data analysis, tracking traffic, lead generation and more.