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The Most Effective CTAs on your Website

How do you get someone to do what you want? You can’t force them, so you need to entice them. Draw them in and make then interested enough to do something. When it comes to digital engagement, a “Call to Action” (CTA) really is what it says…it’s a call to make someone take action—aka, do something. CTAs are especially important on your website as you want your visitors to perform an action that turns them into a lead.

CTAs can be as simple as listing your phone number for a user to click on, but there are other types that have a more detailed approach.

Types of CTAs


You want to place your CTA front and center so your users see it and use it. Your home page is the perfect placement. A banner in the form of a photo or graphic that spans the width of your site (or screen) is an ideal location for your CTA.


Let’s say you’re running a promotion for a new product. You want gather user’s information so you can send detailed information on this product to them. Forms are the perfect method for gathering their contact information. Forms can be placed on a permanent website page, such as your blog or news page (to subscribe to your newsletter/emails) or you can create a direct landing page for temporary or promotional items. In either case forms are perfect for getting precise information you need to stay in touch with your audience.


Placing social icons on your home page is great for leading your users to your social platforms. These are trackable links so you will easily find out how many users are clicking and going to your social pages.

You can also place social sharing icons scattered throughout your site. This is the perfect way to get users to share your content with their social peers. It entails little commitment from them, but provides a huge advantage to you. Social sharing icons allow others to share your brand with a larger audience than those that are already directly connected with you. The best place for social sharing icons is on your blog or news page.

Read More

Sometimes less is more. In this case, you want to tease with introductory content that makes the reader want more. However, you don’t want to post your entire blog post on your news feed…so you place a ‘read more’ CTA/button at the end of the teaser. This allows the reader to click on the button and move to a page that has the detailed content they’re looking for.


When people are milling around your site, their looking for content that catches their attention…and that attention span is really only about 8 seconds. So attract them with a CTA that allows them to discover more about the topic they’re interested in. This button then leads to a specific product or service page. Again, the tracking of this button allows you to see exactly how your traffic flows and attributes the flow to each landing page accurately.

Now that you know a few of the different types of CTAs, let’s talk about a few tips to make them the best they can be.


Text Tips

Ditch the Tired Text

STOP using the same old tired text. Everyone knows that they are ‘submitting’ their information, or ‘signing up’ for a newsletter, or ‘purchasing’ a product. Do something that’s more engaging and helps them understand WHAT they’re getting if the click. Use more specific phrases to help them understand what they will experience when thy click. Promoting a new seminar? Try “Become and Expert” rather than ‘register now”. Have a newsletter? Use “Be In the Know” instead of “Sign Up”. Both of these options are out of the box and capture attention more that the stale lingo that everyone uses.

Provide Instruction

Using action verbs is a must on your CTA, as you want to encourage your user to “do” something. Tell the user exactly what to do, so they don’t have to think about it. “Add to my cart” or Register now” imply performing actions that will have immediate reactions.

Use First Person

When a user is reading about a lecture series that can help them, all they’re really thinking about is their own problems and how these sessions can solve them. Design your CTAs in first person to directly address the readers as if they were reading it out loud. Instead of “Register for this lecture series”, try “I want to Attend”. This may feel odd at first, but when you track the responses, I’m betting that you will see a higher rate of interaction when you change to first person.

People Like FREE Things

FREE is probably the easiest word on the planet to use…and understand. Make anything FREE and you’re bound to see your interaction soar. Face it, please like FREE things, so they’re more willing to put themselves out if they feel they are getting something of value to them at no cost.

CTAs are necessary on your website to garner engagement and grow leads. It is however, an art form as well. You should and will go through many iterations to find the one that works and you will need multiple forms on your one site in order for you to reap the, many, benefits CTAs provide.

However, if you want to get started on your new CTA buttons now, contact Marketing Relevance at 847-259-7312, or visit our website to find out more. Let’s talk about how we can help you create more engagement on your site.