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The Rise of Cell Internet Users

Cell phone Internet usersMobile phones are great for calling, texting and keeping in touch with friends and family. Additionally, they are also great for checking email, posting to Facebook, uploading photos to Instagram and surfing the web. In fact, according to Pew Research Center, the use of mobile phones has exploded the past few years with a whopping 63 percent of mobile phone owners now using the Internet from their smartphones.

Ninety-one percent of all Americans now own a mobile phone, which means that a total 57 percent of all Americans are going online from their phone. Numbers for smartphone owners are also increasing; 56 percent of adults now own a smartphone and 93 percent of these use their phone to go online.

Important to note is that young adults, the college-educated, the financially well-off and urban or suburban residents are the most likely to check email or browse the web from their phones.

It’s also important to consider which device Americans are using to access the Internet most often. Results show that 34 percent mostly use their cell phones, 53 percent mostly use a device other than their cell phone and 11 percent say they use both equally.

These statistics are of important significance for businesses. With 57 percent of all Americans using the Internet in some capacity on their phone, your website, emails and marketing campaigns need to be mobile device friendly. When added together, 45 percent of all your online content will be seen primarily from a smartphone, so if your website or emails aren’t easily readable and accessible from a phone, chances are you are missing a significant portion of your potential market. Businesses also need to consider their audience demographics when putting together mobile marketing strategies, realizing which segments of the population are most likely to be cell Internet users, and then accounting for this.

As we prepare for 2014 and lay plans for the marketing strategies that will start off the new year, remember that while we dubbed 2013 the year of the mobile, mobile is going to remain a major player for many years to come.

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