The SEO Zoo: Panda, Penguin and What it Means to You!

search engine optimizationWith a whole zoo of animal named updates out there, keeping up with Google’s changes to the way they handle search engine optimization (SEO) can be difficult. Recently, the head of Google’s spam fighting team Matt Cutts spoke about their latest updates at the SES San Francisco conference.

The Penguin Update algorithm is the newest one, and therefore still has the most kinks to work out. The update was initially designed to penalize sites that spam Google, but now Google is calling it more of an adjustment which doesn’t reward sites for spam as much as it has in the past. Specifically, certain linking activities that generated credit in the past seem to have been removed.

Cutts eluded to more Penguin updates that will be released in the future, and that they will take time, but they will have a major impact when they are released. However, he says that over time Penguin Updates should become less of a game changer.

The Panda Update, which was released last year, was created in order to penalize or adjust pages with poor quality content. Since then, each update has produced changes in the search results, but each one seems to have less and less of a dramatic effect.

What does all this mean for your company? This means that search engine optimization tools and tactics are ever changing. The way that companies handle SEO will change and needs to change with each new update, and to make sure that your company stays in a winning situation, you will need professional help.

If you have noticed your site slipping off of page one for certain keywords, you could be over optimized. Make sure to contact a trusted SEO partner to analyze your rankings and help you create a plan that plays nice with all of the animals.

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