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The State of Social Media 2017

Social Media SeminarSocial media is continually evolving and offering companies new ways to interact with consumers and their target market. It can seem impossible to keep up! Get armed with the latest marketing and communications research and real-life practical examples pertaining to the direction of social media. Learn valuable, actionable tips to accelerate your social media program to take it to the next level. “The State of Social Media” offers attendees a broad look at the latest social media 2017 developments.

Whether you just launched a social media program or are looking for ways to improve an existing program, , this fun, interactive session will give you the horsepower you need to kick your program into high gear. This seminar is for anyone who wants to:

  • Gain an understanding of social media with insights on recent changes, including how consumer usage of social media is evolving and how that impacts your overall marketing strategy
  • Learn about effective search engine optimization strategies related to social media, and how recent changes in search engine algorithms demand fresh, original content on an ongoing basis
  • Analyze what is driving the growth of social media and how other organizations are handling social media

In addition, attendees will begin to see how marketing is changing and understand the rise of visual communication along with the need to develop a visual identity for your organization. Learn how images can improve the search results for your social media sites and encourage readership. Learn why using images on social media improves engagement and why that is good for your website.

This seminar is designed to be a 60 minute, 90 minute or half day lab. Request more information here.