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The Surprising Statistics Behind Youth Buyers

Youth purchasing powerWhen it comes to marketing, many companies develop strategies that focus on adult buyers without giving younger audiences a second thought. For years, adults have made the majority of decisions when it comes to purchases, so it made sense to develop campaigns that focused on their needs and wants. However, new statistics from the 2012 Harris Poll YouthPulse study reveal interesting data that just may have companies changing their tunes.

The 2012 Harris Poll YouthPulse surveyed 250 boys and 250 girls aged eight through 24. Here’s a look at some of the surprising results when it comes to youth as consumers:

  • $211 billion in purchasing power
  • 20 percent of purchases are made online
  • 24 percent use the Internet at least six hours per day with the average totaling 3.2 hours
  • 33 percent use technology to express their opinions about brands
  • A majority have significant influence over their parents’ purchases

While youth still don’t have nearly the same purchasing power as female adults ($5 trillion), they are still a demographic that businesses can’t afford to ignore. The most important message that these statistics give is that companies interested in gaining youth as loyal customers need to have an online presence; teens and young adults want and need to be able to buy your products and interact with you on the Internet.

This means that tactics such as developing an eye-catching website that incorporates responsive design, a social media program that includes interactive campaigns and an effective search engine optimization program now have a much more far-reaching potential for businesses.

If you’re looking to add or improve upon these tactics as part of your marketing strategy for reaching your youngest buyers, contact Marketing RELEVANCE.