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The Web Tools Your Business Can’t Live Without in 2012

Internet Marketing PlanYou may have recently read our post about the tech gadgets that you should ask Santa to bring to your business this year. In this post, we’ll describe some of the web tools you should ask for, as well.

Effective Social Media (SM) Program – An effective social media program starts with strategy and content and combines blogging, social networking, key word identification, posting to relevant sites and more.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy – Perhaps the most important item on your wish list, an SEO strategy combines on- and off-page efforts to attract search engines to websites so that they rank highly in search results. This way, your customers can find you!

Mobile Website – Hopefully your website is already optimized for mobile viewing, because tech researchers are predicting that up to 25 percent more consumers will be doing their holiday shopping this year on their smart phones or tablets. Because of faster mobile broadband connections and cheaper data service, mobile web usage has exploded in the past few years and business owners can’t afford to live without a mobile site. But there are issues with the development of these sites, so finding a company that knows how to work with them is crucial.

QR (Quick Response) Codes – These are everywhere now! Their popularity is due to the fact that they are so efficient at what they do – they allow users to “read” the bar codes with their smart phones and link to content on the web. They are great for connecting users with relevant information, fast.

Local Searches and Reviews – The Internet has made transparency standard, with literally millions of ways to get information (good and bad) about a business, product or service. Google displays consumer reviews of businesses; and entire sites, like are dedicated to providing consumer reviews. Take advantage of these sites by keeping your customers happy and encouraging them to provide favorable reviews of your business. Yelp also specializes in local searches, so if someone is searching for a specific type of business in an area, they can use Yelp to locate and review that business.

Online Couponing and Incentives – Call it a sign of the times, but coupons are hot. Online incentives, coupons and contests are on the rise and can generate leads and build customer loyalty. It’s a straightforward way to engage your customers, so why not do it?

File synching and data storage – Programs like Documents to Go, Dropbox and Google Docs allow users to create, edit, store and/or share documents and files. Documents to Go syncs documents between handheld devices and computers. Dropbox allows you to store and share files. Google Docs is great because you can create, edit, store and share files.

Overwhelmed? Don’t be. Contact mRELEVANCE today for an appointment to learn how you can get started implementing these tools in your business strategy for 2012.