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The Wide-Spread Adoption of Social Media Among U.S. Adults

adults using social mediaIt’s official, there are now more U.S. adults using social media than those who own a smartphone (56 percent), have high-speed Internet access (70 percent) or own their own home (62 percent). According to new data from the PEW Research Center, 72 percent of adults now use social media as of May 2013.

While avid adopters of social media, especially new social networking sites, continues to be those aged 18-29, more and more older adults are beginning to create their first profiles on Facebook, Twitter and the likes. While age continues to be a differentiating factor among users, when it comes to other demographics such as gender, race, education, annual income and urbanity, it doesn’t seem to matter what category users fall into all. For all of these factors, at least 60 percent of adults were represented for each response.

What does this mean? It means that businesses that have been ignoring social media or putting it on the back burner need to embrace this form of marketing and create a dynamic online, social presence. We’ve been harping on the importance of a good social media strategy, one that includes a blog, Facebook and Twitter at a minimum, for years, and for a good reason. Statistics such as the one above are just further proof that almost all potential buyers or customers are on social media. And, if they are on these sites, chances are they are looking for you.

The best and only way to make sure your customers like what they find is to make sure you have a positive online presence. If you don’t have a presence, customers will likely move onto your competition;. And even worse, if you have a presence that you aren’t monitoring, your customers could be seeing information that isn’t beneficial to your reputation.

With almost three-quarters of the American population now on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., businesses need to step up their game to make sure potential customers who check you out online end up where you want them to be, buyers.

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