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There is More to Facebook Than Just Your Wall

mREL Facebook PagePink Floyd was ahead of their time with the song, “Another Brick In The Wall.” Little did Roger Waters realize in 1972 that he could be describing Facebook marketing in 2010. You see, not only can you add another brick to your wall (tabs across the top of your business Facebook page), but you can also ‘Tear Down The Wall” and use one of these new custom tabs as your entry page instead of the wall.

Simply put, using custom tabs and Facebook apps helps your business promote itself and maximize your presence on the site.

Adding additional tabs to your business page can look and function like a simple website if done properly. Companies are building more and more functionality and content into their Facebook website tabs, and Facebook is supporting these tabs by offering to add additional functionality in future releases for more advanced connectivity. Our mRELEVANCE Facebook Page is a simple example to look at. We built a 7 page website in 4 sections, complete with photos and a small portfolio, and set it to be the first page you visit when coming to the site.

Other companies have used custom tabs to build coupons and images into their pages to encourage visitors to ‘like’ their page or sign up for something. Outback Steakhouse is one example of a coupon the encourages visitors to buy their designer gift cards, S & A Homes Facebook Page uses the coupon to get buyers directly and Rockledge Apartments Facebook Page uses the coupon to encourage visitors to ‘like’ their page.

If you are looking to maximize your presence on Facebook, you need to consider adding some additional custom pages to your wall. Think of them as an extension of your website or brand, a mini website on your Facebook page that you can use to encourage interaction. It is a great way to promote your company through additional layers of information from an expanded about us page to coupons to photos, the sky is the limit. Let us know if we can help you build BLING into your Facebook page. Contact mRELEVANCE for all your Facebook and social media marketing needs.