They’ve Got The Power: Top Corporations Embracing Blogging

top corporations embracing social mediaAs consumers, we are constantly posting, tweeting, pinning and sharing content about our lives, the products we love (or hate), breaking news and more. Up until recently though, many of the nation’s leading corporations weren’t doing the same. However, the latest study from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research found that an increasing percentage of Fortune 500 companies are increasing their social media presence.

The 2012 report found that 139 companies — 28 percent of all Fortune 500 companies — have corporate blogs. This is a significant increase over the past few years in which the total has remained at 23 percent. Both Exxon and Wal-Mart, which are considered two of the top five corporations, are included on the list of companies with blogs. Top blogging industries include telecommunications, commercial banks, specialty retail and utilities, while top sporting goods, building materials and real estate companies lag behind.

In addition to blogging, 73 percent of Fortune 500 companies also have Twitter accounts with a tweet within the past 30 days. This number is an 11 percent increase over last year, all of the top 10 companies are tweeting actively and all 71 industries represented on the list have at least one member corporation that is active on Twitter.

These “new” communication tools are taking the world by storm with more corporations than ever before embracing their proven power and effectiveness. If your company is ready to join the likes of America’s top corporations by adding a blog to power your social media program, contact Marketing RELEVANCE.