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This Holiday’s Must-Have Tech Gifts for Business

Santa Claus with cell phoneWhat should business owners want in their tech stockings this year? If you are making a wish list for Santa and trying to decide what hot tech items you can’t live without in 2012, then here’s our list of suggestions to put on your list.

Smart Phone – If you don’t have a smart phone by now, this should be number one on your list. Capitalize it, underline it and put it in bold; so Santa will know you really want this. Smart phones not only combine the functions of a handful of tech accessories into one device (your smart phone will be your PDA, mobile phone, digital camera, video camera, GPS unit and portable media player); smart phones typically also include high-resolution touchscreens and advanced web browsers with high-speed data access. A smart phone won’t guarantee that you’ll never get lost, be late for an appointment, or miss the opportunity to take a cute pic of Fido, but those things will happen a lot less with a smart phone. And like the rest of us, you’ll wonder how you ever functioned without it. iPhone, Android and Blackberry are probably the top three smart phone brands, play around with models of each of them to find which will work best for you.

Tablet – A tablet computer, like the iPad, is a mobile computer, larger than a mobile phone, smaller than a laptop that allows you to do just about anything you would on your computer. This includes office tasks (like spreadsheet, word processing, presentations); note taking; online chat and social media; personal finance; web browsing; email; playing games; reading e-books, magazines and/or newspapers; playing videos or movies or watching TV or shopping online. The great thing about a tablet is not just that it’s portable, easier to carry than a laptop, but that it is uniquely yours. Computers are more or less, kind of all the same, but you set up your tablet to do what you want it to, and it is a reflection of you. It’s the intersection between the creative and the technical. This year’s hot tablets are the iPad 2, Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet and Galaxy 8.9 Tab.

Super slim laptop – Like the MacBook, these laptops are incredibly lightweight. No more achy shoulders and backs hauling around bulky, heavier laptops. Lightweight laptops are not new, but they are getting better and better. They are sturdier, faster and more powerful, more comfortable to type on and have a greater battery life than its predecessors.

If you travel, ask for a charging station, like an ElectroHub. These neat little tools offer compatibility for a vast amount of devices, from the TV remote to your smart phone. Many charging stations can charge up to six devices at one time, all using AA or AAA batteries.

More monitor! Okay, we love our itty bitty smart phone screens, but when we need to get down and dirty and get to work, most of us over the age of 22 appreciate a large monitor with a screen that we can actually see, at a distance of more than 8 inches away from our faces. A 24-inch monitor for your office would be great for this. Even better, ask for two monitors, that way you can view multiple screens at one time.

If you do any sort of presentations in your job, you will want a pocket projector. These highly compact projection devices weigh less than two pounds, but have the ability to project for large audiences. They have long-lasting batteries, internal memories and memory-card compatibility, and many have touch-screens, blue tooth compatibility and internet access.

With all of these touch screen devices, you might appreciate touch screen gloves. Many companies are now making these high-tech finger warmers that allow you to use your devices while keeping your gloves on and your hands nice and toasty. Especially if you are traveling this winter, you will appreciate these. They are inexpensive and sold at most department stores.

Portable scanner – these aren’t new, but these compact scanners can help you get organized for the New Year. They can easily scan everything from business cards to receipts and include software to help you keep your scans organized and stacks of paper off your desk.

Look for our next holiday gift suggestions, which recommend the web tools that your business needs to stay competitive in the New Year. Contact mRELEVANCE if you need help setting up an effective marketing program for the New Year.