Three Reasons Why You Should Stop Spamming Blogs Now

No Spam 300x250In your travels through the blogosphere, I’m sure you’ve seen spammy comments from some internet users. You know what they look like—blatant advertising in the form of irrelevant, impersonal comments with multiple links. They shamelessly promote people or products and want to spread as many links back to their sites as they can. Their authors probably mistakenly believe it’s an appropriate cheap substitute for working to build relevant links.

Blog spammers- you know who you are- beware and keep reading! Here are three good reasons to stop the spamming and properly promote yourself.

  1. Spam comments cast producst and even the spammer’s own image in a negative light. If you chiefly use others’ sites as a means for your own promotion, your product will seem unworthy of attention and cheap to your would-be buyers. The spammer also appears deceitful and lazy.
  2. Bloggers who are constantly on the receiving end of blog spam become angered when they repeatedly have to delete them. In a world where the internet is a staple and technology is becoming more heavily depended on, alienating opinion leaders, especially online bloggers, is a move that will come back to haunt any spammer in more ways than one.
  3. It’s not just the authors of blogs who have a problem with spammers; even blog readers are upset. That’s because blog readers see spam as detracting value from their insightful comments as well as the blog itself. Even though spammers might not think so, their comments are just plain disrespectful to the authors.

Don’t take advantage of someone else’s hard work with spammy comments; it’s like taking a free ride. Instead, contact mRELEVANCE for help in developing an online communications plan complete with an editorial calendar and a plan to syndicate your blog content.