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Tips for Twitter

Twitter Tips@AtlantaPR @mRELEVANCE and @RedRocketLA gave a How to Tweet workshop to Sales and Marketing Councils nationwide last week. Rather than long winded introductions, the trio was introduced in 140 characters tweets in true Twitter fashion.

Carol Flammer @AtlantaPR
Speaks on social media nationwide, loves horses, dressage, movies and eating. Known for building effective strategies for clients.

Lisa Redmond @RedRocketLA
Live in L.A. I like tacos. PR gal, mostly real estate. Love using social media. Recovering surfer chick. Make documentaries on the side.

Mitch Levinson @mRELEVANCE
20 years selling and marketing homes, uses Internet to effectively communicate to buyers, an avid sports fan-playing, watching, coaching kids.

What were the hot tips? NSMC eNews covered some of them in a recent article and we have included the basics in this post.

What is Twitter?

  • Twitter is like Text messaging online
  • It is a free social messaging site for staying connected in real time – like IM or text messaging
  • Updates are know as tweets
  • Tweets are 140 characters – they are displayed on your page as well as your followers page
  • Followers are your circle of friends or the online community that you have formed on Twitter
  • You can receive notices of tweets via cell phone SMS text and email or just use the web based application
  • ranked Twitter as the 3rd most popular social network in Feb with roughly 6 million unique monthly visitors and 55 million visits
  • Twitter was ranked in March by Nielsen as the fastest growing site in the member communities category for Feb 2009 – monthly growth of 1382 pecent

Twitter lingo and basics

  • hash tags (#IBS09)
  • the pound sign is referred to as a hash tag on twitter
  • these provide a method for categorizing tweets
  • provides a way to search specific subjects
  • tracks trending topics

More Lingo

  • @AtlantaPR (how users are referred too, you will find this person at
  • RT RedRocketla (retweet is like forwarding an email to your followers)
  • D mRELEVANCE (Direct messaging is like sending a private email)

Setting up Twitter

  • Chose a username that is easily identified as you vs. 333Mr64
  • Set up your complete profile (especially picture)
  • Make sure to include a description of who you are
  • Include your website URL
  • Tweet at least once
  • Remember this is Not a numbers game – followers are key

Promoting your Twitter account to Tweeters and non-Tweeters

  • Follow the right people
  • Scan the followers of the right people
  • Search for profile types using the advance search
  • Add your Twitter address to your email signature and your other social media sites

Now that you are all set up, here are some tips on What to do and What not to do!

What to do

  • Watch and read for a good period of time before starting to tweet; learn from what others are doing
  • Start conversations; share useful information – not necessarily info that directly sells your services and benefits
  • apply the 1/3 rule to your tweets – 1/3 business, 1/3 personal, 1/3 informational
  • Let the conversation build on a give and take basis till you are given permission to sell in a more direct manner
  • Research information from newspaper articles, magazines and other resources that would be of interest or educational for your audience and tweet it
  • Talk about your activities, both professional and personal (if appropriate)

What not to do/or common mistakes

  • Not being accessible – people want personal responses not just a message from a faceless company
  • Using social media for traditional advertising – old school marketing tactics don’t work; it’s all about building a conversation on social media
  • Talking about yourself all the time vs giving useful information
  • Not being authentic and transparent
  • Replacing all other forms of marketing with social media
  • Using the hard sell vs the soft sell
  • Talking about controversial issues on an account that doubles as a business account
  • Failing to remember that once something’s written online it lasts forever. If you wouldn’t say it IRL, don’t twitter it or write it on Facebook, etc.
  • Responding to an attack by lashing out. If you were wrong, apologize quickly and honestly. If you were not, write a response, sleep on it and send it in the morning.
  • Ignore trolls

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