Top 2017 Marketing Trends

Top 2017 Marketing TrendsThe mRELEVANCE team likes to keep a pulse on the marketing industry and it seems that change happens at light speed.  What will be hot in 2017 and what will not? The basics will remain an important focus of marketing, so don’t be too distracted by all the bling (shiny new sites and advertising opportunities) and maintain a focus on your core assets – your website, blog, content, branding and keywords/SEO. Pour a hot coffee, tea or cocoa and enjoy our peek into 2017.  Here are our predictions for the top 2017 marketing trends.

2017 will be the year of the “3V’s” – visuals, video and virtual reality. Giving people the ability to visualize themselves in reality. 3D images, virtual reality, augmented reality and being able to ‘see’ yourself in the 3V’s will be HOT in 2017.  – Mitch Levinson

Be a reporter – The news has completely changed due to the rise of social media. Most news breaks on Twitter long before the “main stream media” are even alerted that news is happening.  Trump’s use of Twitter may help to move this site from the back burner back into mainstream.  Some media outlets even advertise that they will pay for breaking news from citizen journalists. Today, most anyone in the right time and place can “lead the feed.” This means that it is more critical than ever for corporations to be present and active on social media. There are lots of opportunities to report your stories in social media. Keep an eye on Facebook Live and Instagram Live as they provide reality in real time. – Carol Morgan

Augmented reality (AR) will become more heavily utilized in 2017. The second half of 2016 saw the explosion of Pokémon Go, and a few other apps that make use of the same concept, leading to an increased interest in AR as it could apply to B2B applications.  Look for e-commerce applications and websites that allow end-users to virtually “try on” wearable products, and provide homebuyers the ability to virtually “walk around” and interact with the homes they tour by simply walking around in real space with the app in hand (or perhaps even AR goggles for a more immersive experience). – Njugu Gachugu

2017 will be the year that the “mobile” market takes off. A lot of companies still do not have responsive websites or their content isn’t easily digested on a mobile device. In 2017, I believe mobile-centered websites and content will be mandatory for a successful company. – Amanda Meade

Virtual reality will continue to grow. As the technology gets better and more affordable, I think more businesses will find ways to incorporate it into their marketing efforts. It offers an immersive experience like no other that can be a huge sales tool in a variety of industries. I think marketers will have to think out-of-the-box to come up with uses for this technology for their clients. – Courtney Rogers

Metrics like page views, time on site and bounce rate will become more important factors in SERP ranking as User Experience becomes more important. The introduction of AMP (accelerated mobile pages) and the higher placement given to them shows that Google is starting to pay more attention to user experience as long as the page provides relevant content. – Doug Silk

Video and visual marketing will be more prominent in 2017, specifically live streaming via Facebook and storytelling via Snapchat. I also believe that businesses are seeing the importance of using public relations and professional writing to market their brands, rather than just relying on social media…Google loves new, organic content and that’s what’s showing up in search results. – Mandy Holm

Snapchat will be hot in 2017. The more people start using it and learning how, I think it will become more vital for social media. – Lauren Pond

Search Engine Optimization is always hot! Your site needs to show up fast when people search for your area of expertise, service or product via website, blog, social media accounts, video channels, image galleries and podcasts. It is always about relevant and accurate content delivered fast that answers a search query. It is hot now and it will be hotter in 2017 with cutting-edge technologies that change the way we will show up by voice, text or at home, in the office, at the gym, in a restaurant, on the train, on an airplane, in the car or wherever your buyers are. – Oksana Malevania

As media outlets, like the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, continue to layoff seasoned journalists, Public Relations contributions will increase. So, in 2017, content that is pitched needs to be really good, targeted toward those contributors’ readers and ready to publish and share on social. – Melissa Stocks

Web design trends will echo some of the small trends we’ve been seeing today. For example, the flat design of the Google logo most likely reflects a trend of semi-flat design with geometric shapes and shading throughout website design. Google Map customization will make a bigger leap now that more freely available tools have become open to the masses. Unique versions of grids will affect web design more and pull it away from the standard 960 grid format and more towards designing in an avant-garde fashion. – Megan Morgan

Artificial Intelligence is going to be big in 2017; we had a small glimpse of it in 2016, which really showed its potential with autonomous vehicles and chat bots. – Shreyas Gaonkar

It seems overall that the mRELEVANCE team has some exciting ideas of where we are headed in the future. Please share your thoughts in the comments below.  If you are curious about our success rate for predicting trends, check out our 2016 marketing trends post.  If you need help with marketing strategy, a new website, social media, SEO, public relations or any of your marketing, reach out to our team via our contact page or at 770-383-3360.