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Top 5 Marketing Mistakes Home Builders Must Avoid

Social Media Marketing feaIn today’s market, it is imperative for home builders to know how to maneuver through the world of social media. Recently, in an interview with Kendall Matthews of KJAM Radio, Carol Flammer, author of “Social Media for Home Builders: It’s Easier than You Think,” discussed the top five marketing mistakes home builders make and offers her recommendations for builders who are looking to implement a social media program.

The Top 5 Marketing Mistakes Home Builders Must Avoid:

These top five essentials are simple, but do take a little time.

  1. In general, home builders do not have an overall marketing program. Marketing budgets have been cut so much that builders aren’t putting together marketing plans.
  2. No Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Home builders should find out if their company can be found when its name is Googled.
  3. Builders are not “pimping” their online listings. Take the time to make sure your listings are attractive and clean.
  4. No interaction on social networking sites. Home builders have the social media accounts, but no one is monitoring or interacting with them.
  5. Home builders are building a social networking program without a blog.

Now that you realize the importance of social media and know what mistakes to avoid, what’s next? Carol offers four important factors home builders should consider before implementing a social media program.

  1. Are you really committed to maintaining the social media program?
  2. Identify your team: agent, marketing director, a builder’s spouse. Then decide if you’re committed to training your team.
  3. What’s the overall social media plan and how does this work into your marketing plan?
  4. Does your company have a social media policy in place?

By determining your commitment to your company’s to creating a social media plan and working to avoid the top five mistakes, home builders can create a social media program that will enhance their success.

To hear the full interview with Carol Flammer, visit the Investment Real Estate Corner website.