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Top Five Reasons to Own Your Own Mobile Site

Own your own mobile siteRecently, we discussed why owning your own database has its advantages over paying for someone else to control your content or using a mobile site ‘included’ in another company’s offer. This post builds off the premise that by controlling your company’s content you control your own destiny. Don’t you want to be in the driver’s seat? Here are the top five reasons you need to own your mobile site.

  1. Control: By owning your own mobile site, you completely control the user experience on your website. From the URL and content to the search engine optimization (SEO) and branding! Being able to fully control every aspect of your customer’s user experience is critical to your business.
  2. Content: Content is king, and many “free” or “included” mobile websites don’t display everything customers want. Instead of being limited to information specifically tied to MLS listings, you’ll be able to show consumers information on all of your communities, floor plans, inventory, photos and more by utilizing your database.
  3. Traffic: If you don’t own your site, chances are you don’t “own” your traffic either. When you utilize a third party source for your mobile site, Google associates that traffic to that third party site and the traffic you receive to that site is not monitored through your Google Analytics account. However, when you own your mobile site, that traffc is associated to your website and can be easily tracked with Google Analytics.
  4. SEO: Similar to number four, when you don’t own your mobile site, you also can’t control your SEO. If it is your mobile site, you are able to fully utilize your company’s specific keywords to help boost your rankings. Google’s algorithm for determining the order to display sites in the search results list is based on several variables, including relevant content, quality pages and traffic (among other things). If 15-20 percent of your traffic (or more) is traffic to your mobile site, the loss of SEO value is significant if they are actually not on your site.
  5. Branding: Remember all of that hard earned time and money you have spent branding your company and building your online reputation? With a third party mobile site, you may not be fully allowed to customize the site to match your company’s colors, fonts and logos. Once again, owning your own site allows you to build the site exactly like you want from the colors and fonts to the images and logos.

Being mobile-friendly is more important than ever. With iPhones, Droids, tablets, e-readers and more on the market, consumers are able to search for your business anywhere they are and at any time. As a business, it is imperative that you’re in control of what they see, and that they get the full picture in a format that makes sense for them.

If you’re a home building company or other business looking to take control of your mobile data, contact Marketing RELEVANCE. We understand today’s mobile consumer and can help you build a web presence that is optimized for desktops, tablets and smartphones.