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Top Social Marketing Tactics

Top Social Marketing Tactics Marketing Sherpa just released this chart on the top social marketing tactics used by companies. They combined data from three questions about social marketing tactics including the effectiveness of achieving objectives, the degree of difficulty for implementation and the percentage of organizations using the tactic.

What they found was that “fast and easy” trumps effectiveness when it comes to determining which social media tactics to implement! Doesn’t this somewhat go along with the general sentiment that social media is free and that anyone can do it? For example, blogger relations, the most effective tactic, is used by far fewer organizations than other less effective tactics. The reason? As a tactic, blogger relations has the highest degree of difficulty in terms of time, effort and expense.

It is not a huge surprise to us that the focus on “fast and easy” versus effectiveness was prevalent among companies without a strategic social marketing plan. As organizations in the Strategic phase of social marketing maturity develop a strategy, they create a tactical plan of action before selecting the social media sites on which they will use these tactics. Starting with a tactical plan and a purpose for each site enables an organization to execute more tactics, more effectively.

For additional research data and insights, download and read the free Executive Summary from the MarketingSherpa 2011 Social Media Marketing Benchmark Report. For more information on how you can launch a strategic social media program, contact mRELEVANCE.