Top Social Media Sites For Boosting Search Engine Optimization

mRELEVANCESearch engine optimization (SEO) is a tricky subject. With so many constantly changing “rules” to keep up with, figuring out what your company should and shouldn’t be doing in terms of inbound marketing can be difficult. In the recent 2013 Marketing Sherpa SEO Marketing Benchmark Survey, participants were asked to rank the social media platforms that were most effective at improving their inbound marketing efforts.

Unsurprisingly, the top five platforms were:

  1. Blog (84 percent ranked as very effective or somewhat effective)
  2. YouTube (71 percent)
  3. LinkedIn (68 percent)
  4. Facebook (58 percent)
  5. Twitter (57 percent)

Other platforms ranking high in the survey included SlideShare or other forms of presentation sharing, Scribd or other forms of document sharing, Flickr or other forms of photo sharing and Delicious or other social bookmarking tools.

What do these results mean?

A well-built corporate blog is an  essential component of a good online program. Blogging provides your company with content needed to attract consumers to your  social media program, as well as the search engine optimization necessary to rank your site with the search engines. A successful blog with position your company at the intersection of social and search.

A successful inbound marketing program will include a number of tools including a company blog, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter account. These are oldies but goodies in the social media space, and should be the standard social media sites utilized by pretty much any type of business. When you expand beyond these social media sites, choose wisely based on their potential for driving new customers. Also take into consideration whether your company has the resources to devote to using them properly.

If you’re ready to develop and implement a social media marketing strategy that will also boost your company’s SEO, contact Marketing RELEVANCE.