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Top Trends for Marketing in 2016

Top Trends for Marketing 2016We’ve made our New Year’s resolutions, and now we’re ready to make our predictions! The world of marketing continues to evolve at a rapid pace, and it can be hard to keep up with the changing trends. To help guide our team and our clients, each member of the mRELEVANCE team has picked the marketing tactic or technique that they think will reign supreme in 2016. Video and shopping through social media sites were mentioned by multiple team members. Do you think these will be 2016’s hottest trends? Let us know in the comments below!

Ricky White – Video – not pro-level, polished, three months to complete video, but camera phone/digital camera/amateur video complete with real conversations, imperfections and without scripts – will probably become the new ads. While this isn’t a complete new concept, I think it will become much more utilized in 2016.

Nikola Garvanliev – Adding something new to your brand will be what marketers do to stand out in 2016. Being different from the competition gets attention of both old and new clients, and I think marketers will continue to find new and innovative ways to achieve this.

Brittany Hurst – Instagram ads will be a big thing for 2016. I think they will be a big success for marketing because of how Instagram continues to grow. Builders can benefit from them by posting pictures of homes for sale and/or interior features of homes. Instagram will be a successful outlet to use for campaigns as well.

Blaire McKenzie – Snapchat will continue to grow in popularity as a marketing platform for brands. The “Discover” section of Snapchat is currently being used mostly by news and media companies such as National Geographic and Cosmopolitan Magazine. I believe it’s only a matter of time before businesses in all industries take advantage of the popular app.

Melissa Stocks – Multimedia news releases will be hot in 2016, because they earn way more traffic. It’s easier to engage with images and videos!

Doug Silk – Video ads are going to blow up in 2016. Now that people are not watching actual TV, it’s a way for businesses to deliver their message nearly everywhere that consumers are.

Lauren Pond – More social media apps will start allowing consumers to purchase items directly from the site. From what I have been reading, this is one of the newest trends. Currently, Pinterest and Instagram have that option, and more social media apps are going to integrate that option.

Amanda Winters- Mobile surpassed desktop usage in 2015, and mobile ad spending is expected to exceed $100 billion in 2016. Mobile-optimized and responsive websites and mobile-targeted campaigns will be a primary focus for all companies. For businesses that have been laggard about mobile, they will soon see that it can’t be put off for another year. The pace-setting companies have mobile down and are moving on to even newer tactics.

Mitch Levinson – Tactics and marketing change quickly, because of this, it will be even more important to see the big picture, deliver holistic and connected marketing campaigns and programs, refocus on what is important for clients, and be efficient marketing to millennials and everyone who wants ‘immediate information and gratification’.

Lauren Cooper – Blurred Lines – Social, web, apps and e-commerce will become even more integrated. Apps like Instagram are already featuring e-commerce “Shop Now” buttons and Pinterest has “buyable pins.” Even Atlanta Real Estate Forum integrated social into its new web design, with Instagram posts feeding to the website. This will be a trend to watch as all of these platforms are seamlessly becoming more and more integrated. There are still some marketers out there that say people don’t want to shop on social media, but I think that people are always looking for easier, more effective ways to buy.

Carol Morgan – Wearable technology will continue to grow in popularity. Apple Watch’s, fitness trackers, Bluetooth devices…the list will keep growing!

Courtney Rogers – Marketing will become even more integral to, and an extension of, customer service. Marketing has shifted from a one-sided dissemination of information to a two-way conversation, where marketers are conversing directly with consumers. As conversation grows, consumers will expect to have their voices heard through the means in which they’ve now come to communicate with those brands – primarily through social media platforms.

Megan Morgan – Based on the recent design sites I’ve been reading, cinemagraphs are growing way more popular in web design with HTML 5. They’re very similar to the new iPhone feature where you can make a “moving photo,” and they render better than embedding a huge video. They’re also very beautiful when done well and with subtlety. You can see them being used in web formats and in advertising now (on popular platforms like Tumblr, YouTube, etc.) E-commerce in social media will become bigger in 2016 as well; they have already started adding posts in Instagram and Facebook where you can actually buy items via the post. These are going to make buying things so much easier for consumers, and that will definitely impact the 2016 market.

Bryan Nonni – Video marketing will be a major trend in 2016. Videos will be leveraged in more campaigns across various channels and will be used on more client-facing collateral for businesses (i.e. website, blog). With Facebook and YouTube’s battle for video views, as well as Facebook’s killing of organic reach, videos via social media will be an important aspect for companies to drive traffic and secure leads. Additionally, as social media slowly becomes the new PR/community relations for brands, companies will need to do more storytelling and more teaching as opposed to direct selling. For example, to get younger buyers, companies will need to use “come learn with us” rather than “come buy from us.” To reach more of the market, companies will also need to expand social media use as new platforms become available. Platforms such as Periscope, Snapchat and Blab are great ways for brand advocates to market products and brands.

David Stiles – 8-bit marketing, the idea of promoting something with video or images only using 8-bits of rendered color and/or music, will grow in 2016. This will be primarily targeting the Nintendo generation which is currently in its mid-twenties to mid-thirties; younger generations being receptive as well. There’s a lot of nostalgia related to the 8-bit era for the kids who grew up playing games with friends and family. They now have jobs and are a big part of the consumer market. Also, the younger age groups who play more modern games look back at the 8-bit era as the ‘golden age’ of gaming and think 8-bit related things are ‘cool’. This is a great way to target age groups 35 and below.