Topping the Rankings: Navigating Internet Review Sites


Yelp, one of the Internet’s most popular review sites

Online reviews: a perilous new world full of potential public relations nightmares, but filled with rich rewards for those able to navigate it successfully. Are you getting the first bite at this juicy apple?

mRELEVANCE, a veteran of online reputation management, has developed successful programs for clients in some of the most review-crucial industries, like the residential building industry. Home buying is a very emotionally-invested process, and positive, glowing reviews can be exactly what it takes to sway a prospective home buyer to choose your company over the competition. Conversely, one bad review can send prospective buyers running.  Clients in a myriad of industries have benefited tremendously from mRELEVANCE’s expert guidance in online reputation management.  So, why should you care about online reputation management? How much, really, can it impact your business? 

Consumers now use the Internet as their primary research tool when preparing to make a purchasing decision, with 80 percent placing as much trust in online reviews and endorsements as in recommendations from friends and experts. In earlier years, most online reviews came from experts, consumer testing groups and official entities like the Better Business Bureau. Now, consumer-posted reviews have taken over, with new review sites springing up daily. With so many review sites, a bad review or two might, some would think, get lost in the shuffle.  But despite the vast number of online sites where consumers can review products, services and companies, one bad consumer review on one site can be devastating to a company’s overall online reputation, popping up all over the web. Having a strategy to manage the bad reviews and encourage good reviews is crucial.

How do you successfully manage your online reputation? We suggest first, that you be able to answer yes to the following questions:

  • Do you know how to find and claim your company or products on review sites like Google +, Yelp!, Facebook, Foursquare, Insider Pages, Citysearch, Yahoo! Local Listings, Angie’s List, Kudzu, Amazon, and YellowPages?
  • Do you know what to do if you get a bad review? If you can handle it correctly, you’ve given yourself a fantastic opportunity to both make the complainer happy and impress countless other prospective customers.
  • Do you know what to never, ever do in a negative review situation? Do you understand how huge an impact these mistakes can have on your company or brand?
  • Do you have realistic expectations for your ratings online?  Do you know how to improve your ratings or how to generate reviews organically?
  • Are you suddenly getting a lot of bad reviews? Is it time to call in a public relations expert for help? Or should you retain a public relations expert like mRELEVANCE long before you have a problem?

If you don’t have answers for the above questions or aren’t satisfied with your answers, be sure to take advantage of mRELEVANCE’s reputation management program.

Our managing partners Mitch Levinson and Carol Morgan will present their FREE, informative webinar, “Managing Your Online Reputation,” on Tuesday, December 16 from 2 to 3 p.m. E.T. In this hour-long presentation, Mitch and Carol will offer tips, tools and techniques for monitoring, protecting, improving and defending your company or brand’s online reputation. Additionally, they will share why you should care about your online brand and reputation management, search engine optimization’s effect on reputation management, the importance of positive reviews and testimonials and how to get them, being proactive vs. reactive, how to handle negative reviews and more. Registration is now open here:

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