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Traditional PR meet Online PR

What is the difference between traditional public relations and online public relations? Not much it seems when the focus is media relations ! With 85 percent of searches for everything starting online, journalists are no exception. In fact, a recent study by Middleberg/Ross shows that Internet use by journalists has skyrocketed! The study reports that 98 percent of journalists go online daily looking for news. Read the full article at dmnews. The highlights of the survey are:

  • 92 percent use the Web for article research;
  • 81 percent use the Web to conduct searches;
  • 76 percent use the Web to find new sources and experts for stories; and
  • 73 percent use the Internet to find press releases;

A separate survey by Cision/Bates looked at Internet use by journalists broken down by age group. The survey finds that editors and reporters of all ages are heavily dependent on the Web, with more than 90 percent using the Web as their primary editing and reporting tool. Don Bates states, “Our findings confirm that journalists of all types and ages are quickly adapting to the new media landscape by utilizing multiple online sources for editing and reporting. The challenge for PR people will be keeping up.”

These studies show that posting your public relations news and stories has never been more important. Reporters are looking for your news online; can they find you? mRELEVANCE can help you to build an online public relations presence.