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Traditional Press Releases Are Most Definitely NOT Dead

traditional public relations“The report of my death was an exaggeration.” – Mark Twain

And so goes the increasing belief among many businesses that traditional press releases and media relations are no longer viable in a market where more news is published and accessed on line.

Here’s a news flash: A survey by Oriella PR Network of 750 journalists found that most of them value targeted, e-mailed press releases from PR professionals when they are gathering and reporting news. The 75% of journalists who find press releases useful said the content must be “high quality and well targeted.”

With “high quality” and “well targeted” as the deciding factors in the effectiveness of a press release, it’s easy to see the value in using public relations professionals, such as the team at mRELEVANCE. We have spent years building relationships with reporters and learning the types of news presentations that are most helpful to them.

As an established PR firm, we subscribe to services and databases that enable us to match your news story with the reporters who can most likely use it on their beats – whether your story is local, regional, national or even worldwide in scope. Plus, our professional writers will draft copy that reporters will respect for correct grammar, punctuation and style.

As pundits are exaggerating the “near death” of home builders and related industries, now is the time to get the news out about your successes. Contact us today to help you identify news stories in your organization and create the “high quality and targeted” press releases that reporters will notice.