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Tweak Your Tweets

mRELEVANCE TwitterApproximately 9,000 tweets are posted to Twitter every second, so how can you make the most out of your 140 characters? With such a limited amount of space to get a message across to a large audience, it’s important to make tweets both appealing and effective.

In Facebook vs Twitter, we wrote about why it’s important to keep your Facebook and Twitter separate, but now it’s time to talk about tweeting effectively! Here are a few tips:

Create Social Media Calendars: At mRELEVANCE, we create monthly social media calendars for our clients. This allows us have a complete plan for social media, just like any other aspect of your marketing. On these calendars, we include our messaging, URLs (links to appropriate blog posts or web pages) and even photos that we want to use on each tweet.

Think About Your Tweets: When writing a tweet, think of your overall goal. Is the tweet about an upcoming event, or does it promote a recent blog post? In this fast-paced world, we must consider the fact that our audience wants to read things on Twitter that are straight to the point. In order to accomplish this and successfully convey your message, use concrete words. For events, start the tweet with words and phrases such as “visit,” “register today” or “don’t miss.” Remember to focus on the key message.

Incorporate Relevant Hashtags: The value of a tweet is a strong determinant of whether or not your audience will actually read and engage with your tweets. When we create tweets for our clients, we incorporate relevant hashtags, such as #tbt (throwback Thursday) and #tt (transformation Tuesday), so that these tweets will reach more users. These hashtags can also assist in building engagement for our clients when tweeters retweet, mention or favorite a tweet. After all, engagement is one of the main goals of social media.

Include Photos: Adding photos to tweets can capture more attention. A picture is worth a thousand words, so adding one to a tweet can say much more than you may be able to with the 140 character limit. We try to incorporate a lot of good looking photos with the tweets we create for our clients. Since Twitter started showing a large preview of photos in tweets, users have been more inclined to read the tweet, view the photo and engage with the tweet in some way.

Ask Questions: Prompt your followers to respond to your tweets by asking a question that is geared towards the main message of your tweet. Request that they tweet back with an answer. Then, when you receive some tweets from your followers, there is a great opportunity to give them a retweet, or just continue the conversation. It’s a win-win situation!

Build Lists of Experts: Our social media team also builds lists of experts that are unique for each of our clients. Retweeting an expert in the same or a similar field as our clients allows us to reach a larger audience and helps us engage with these experts.

Use Twitter Tools: Once your tweets are planned, use Sprout Social, HootSuite, TweetDeck or another tool to schedule your content. We use Sprout Social to publish, monitor and analyze tweets for our clients, while TweetDeck is a great for organizing and tracking multiple Twitter accounts at one time by utilizing Twitter lists. Both of these tools make it easier to engage with others on Twitter.

Tweeting can take some time to perfect. Experimenting with different types of tweets, language and hashtags is important in order for you to find which content and what timing is best for you and your business. Still not sure about your tweeting capabilities? Contact mRELEVANCE today about our social media management services by calling 770-383-3360.