Tweet Interesting Information

TwitterTo take on resolution five from our  Top 10 Social Media Resolutions for 2010 list, we have developed a list of Twitter tips to help you get more Twitter followers and be RTed more often. Oh, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter! I’m @MLSerra, Carol Flammer is @AtlantaPR and Mitch Levinson is @mRELEVANCE. Chances are if you follow us, you’ll find the rest of the team too!

  1. Make sure to include links in your Tweets. Link to your Web site, blog, YouTube, Facebook  and other sites.  (Don’t forget photos!)
  2. Make your content catchy, ask a question, suggest they RT you or pass it on. Carol Flammer likes to say, “What you say does not have to be personal, but it should have personality.”
  3. Follow more people
  4. Make friends on Twitter. Identify 10, 15 or 20 people whose content you like and RT them, respond to them, start a conversation!
  5. Use # hash tags to categories your tweets — hint this helps people to find you too.

If you are new to Twitter and still wondering what a Retweet (RT) is? Well, wonder no more because we are here to give you a primer on the Retweet!

Retweet: An original tweet re-posted by another user. Retweets occur when someone finds your Twitter content interesting, funny, news worthy, helpful or important. Having your content retweeted is one of the highest forms of flattery on the Internet and can often boost your social media presence tremendously, gaining you new followers as well as establishing your expertise on a topic.

So the question of the day is how to get your content retweeted. According to PRSA the trick isn’t what you say, instead it’s how you say it. Only 20% of all tweets contain links, but 70% of retweets contain links.  Increase your chances of having your content retweeted by linking more often.

In addition to including information, retweets often talk about someone or something doing something, they rarely ever are in first person and tweets that contain past-tense verbs and adverbs are hardly retweeted.

Before you tweet ask yourself “Would I pass this along, or am I the only one who cares?” Try to break through the Twitter clutter, the more original your tweet is, the more likely it is to be passed along.

If you’re interested in measuring how effectively you are using Twitter check out Tweet Level. Designed by Edelman, this website measures various attributes such as number of followers, updates, the number of times your content is retweeted or how often other people use your name in their tweets along with other factors, a score is developed.

This score is based out of 100 and tells you how influential you are on Twitter. The best part about this site is that it provides tips and ticks for improving your Twitter score.

As with any feature still in beta version, take this application with a grain of salt. Kinks are still being worked out and mistakes are made, but if you’re looking to improve your Twitter following this is great starting point. The one suggestion we make? Don’t go out in attempts gain 1,000 new followers overnight because your popularity score might be low. Quality followers who are going to retweet your tweets and engage in your conversation are far more important than masses of fake followers.

Want to compare your score?

Check out Twitter Grader. This website factors number of followers you have, how powerful your followers are, the number of updates and how recent they were, with your follower/following ratio and your engagement on twitter. The tool then ranks you from 1 to 100. A score of 70% would mean that 70% of the Twitter users rank lower than you do. This tool also offers tips and suggestions as to how you could improve your score.

This is a great tool for comparison. If both your Tweet Level and your Twitter Grader scores are high, you are doing great. If one is doing well and the other isn’t, well now you can compare the two and see what you could stand to improve.

More fun tools offered by Twitter Grader include the ability to analyze your followers and who you follow and the ability to see your Twitter usage laid out on a graph. Want to see your best friends’ graph? Simply enter his or her user name and you’ll be able to see a side by side comparison.