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Put Your Tweets on Paper

TweetbookzA picture says a thousand words, but your 140 character Tweets can be just as revealing and memorable. If only you could take all those Tweets and make a little scrapbook of your words of wisdom…

Enter TweetBookz. The service connects with your Twitter account and pulls the last 200 Tweets. You can remove any Tweets you don’t want printed, select from four book designs and choose hardcover or softcover books. The books can be as small as 20 pages (40 Tweets) and come with full color covers and black and white inside pages. Tweetbookz are 5.5 inches high and 8.5 inches wide.

Companies can order fully customized Tweetbooks complete with logos and color inside pages if desired.

Though this is a great idea, the only hitch I see is if you want to give a Tweetbook as a surprise gift, since you have to know the recipient’s Twitter password information.

Overall, the Tweetbook is an innovative idea that lets you keep a written history of your life via Twitter.