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Twitter Revamps Design to Make More User Friendly

Have you noticed the new look of Twitter? According to Twitter Blog, the social media site’s design was revamped in order to allow users to easily follow what they care about, connect with others and discover something new. Five new tabs on Twitter instantly bring you closer to everything.

Twitter Home“Home” is where you view Tweets from people you follow. It features the latest news, commentary and information from the people and companies that you care about. Plus, you can access photos, videos and conversations all on the left side. Comments on status updates pile up directly beneath the original post. “Home” keeps everything organized and in one place.
Twitter Connect
The “Connect” section is where you reply and enter into conversations. You can see who has mentioned, followed or retweeted you.

Twitter Discover The “Discover” tab allows you to, well, discover things that interest you. Based on your current location and what you follow, news and content come straight to you. Additionally, you can look for tweets on certain subjects by typing the topic into the search bar. “Discover” will help you learn more.
Twitter Me
The “Me” tab puts you, your interests and tweets front and center. Users can view your lists, favorites, followers, photos and more.


Tweet tab The new “Tweet” tab makes it easier to send your message out to the world. Click on it to instantly create a tweet. You can also upload photos, add your location and link to videos, news and more.


Besides these new tabs, the new Twitter redesign will allow companies to make a better impression. Pages feature larger header images for photos and logos and even room for a tagline and any other additional images. Marketers can even promote tweets by putting one on the top of their page’s timeline. This tweet will appear large so that visitors to the page can instantly notice it.

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