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UnorganizedUncategorized. Unclassified. Unorganized.

What does having a category called “uncategorized” mean for your blog? Well, it means disorganization for you, for the search engines and for your visitors. Yet, so many blogs now contain a category labeled “uncategorized” that a quick Google search returns 105,000,000 results for the word uncategorized.

Without well thought out categories your blog will quickly become disorderly and disorganized. Proper planning is a must. Think about it like a library or even a grocery store. Without a system for filing books or organization among canned foods by type, you’d never find what you are looking for. Your blog could end up looking like your child’s playroom, or worse, my closet.

So, what is the best way to create blog categories? Start by determining the topics you want to write about. Categories can be as simple as: Awards, News, Events and General. Or more detailed to describe products, services or specific areas of town. Once you determine what kinds of stories you plan to write, think about how you’d organize them, group them and file them in a filing cabinet. This exercise usually provides a big “ah ha” in terms of categories that make sense while blogging.

If you are still confused as to why Uncategorized is simply not a blog category, give me a call! Blogging can be a powerful tool in your Internet marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), branding and social media program. Make sure your blog is built to be the engine of your social media program. Ask me for a FREE social media consultation if you are considering starting a program or have questions about your existing one. Contact mRELEVANCE via web or call me at 770-383-3360.