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Understanding Your Customer’s Sales Cycle

Knowing how your prospects become customers is crucial when identifying how to reach and convert them. Keeping their interest and nurturing them into the next step of the sales cycle is the key to getting them to the end of the funnel…making that purchase.


Making sure your potential customers know who you are is the first step in the process. To do this you can use many forms of brand recognition:

  • Traditional
    • Graphic Design
    • Collateral material
    • Print advertising
    • Billboards
    • Television
    • Radio

Once your target has seen your advertisements or visited your website, they mark their interest in your company and become a lead. Leads can come from many different places including the above and others:

  • Website forms
  • Phone
  • Referrals
  • Cold calls
  • In-field upgrades



This is the time when you want to give your leads information about your product or services. Present them with options like signing up for your emails. Send them a link to a video about your company or product. Introduce your blog to them–by reading your blog they glean additional information about you and a level of trust begins to form. Customers need to trust the companies they will consider doing business with.



The customer’s need (or desire) for your product or service is awakened or enhanced in this section. Present additional options for getting to know your company. Offer a webinar or a conference call to make things more personal. Present new information in a way that helps them solve their individual issues. Now is the time to also reinforce previously presented material in a new and exciting way. Remember, the best sales and marketing techniques help your target market see not only that the product or service is exceptional, but that it is accompanied by a plan that makes so much sense for them that they want to buy it more then you want to sell it.



All of the information that you have presented to the customer should have a call to action (CTA). For some, this sales process can go quickly and they may click, call or purchase in the Awareness or Consideration phase. Others, however, need more time to think things over. Consider a special offer that has an expiration date, to get them to move a little faster. Add perks to your regular price or package as an incentive to sign or buy now. Urgency is a great tool for getting people on the fence to jump in head first.

All in all, your sales cycle is never ending. If you take a look at your website analytics you’ll see that new leads come in every day. This means that there is always a potential customer in the Awareness phase. As you introduce to one group, you will be reinforcing with another. Always take the time to re-evaluate your cycle information. Fresh new content and methods draw attention and keep interest.

If you find that you don’t have the time needed to devote to developing and maintaining a complete sales cycle plan, please contact us. Marketing Relevance can help with both the strategy and tactics in your marketing program. Call 847-259-7312 or visit our website.