How to Use Your Email Signature for More than Just a Sign Off

Most people don’t think of their email signature as anything more than a way for the email recipient to know who the sender is. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Your email signature actually is very valuable real estate for marketing opportunities.

When people read emails they are typically in a ‘work-mode’. They tune in to what they are reading and absorbing the content with intent. Richard Hanna, a marketing professor at Babson College and the lead author of Email Marketing in a Digital World says “We’re actively engaged in reading material related to what we’re doing, and we pay more attention to the signature.”

Email is one the most personal forms of interaction. The direct contact with a client, customer or even vendor can result in additional business contacts and referrals. So what can you do to get your signature noticed? As the old adage goes “everything in moderation”.

Include a Photo or Graphic

As we all know, graphics/images get far more attention than written words…and are remembered longer. A strong image will draw the reader’s eye and encourage reading. Static images like head shots or corporate logos are ideal for brand consistency.

Highlight an Accomplishment

Adding rotating photo like a recently published book or award is also a great method for engaging your reader and capturing attention. It establishes credibility and builds trust.

Provide Links

Recently published your most awesome blog? Include that link. Attending an upcoming trade show? Include your booth number and a link for the recipient to get more information on how to see you there. Providing a link to a recent event, current special offer or upcoming webinar (for example) is a great way to promote your business activity.

The Tried and True

You can also never go wrong with the inclusion of your website URL, corporate social links or blog link. The point is to get the reader to click on these links and engage with your company.

With all these tips, the most important advice we can provide is to make sure you have brand consistency. Whether you have 5, 500, or 5000 employees, email signatures should have the same colors, fonts and accents. It’s an important tool that provides valuable contact information, shows personal identity and professionalism, and is the equivalent to your business card (again emphasizing the importance of brand consistency).

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