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Using Facebook to Promote Your Business

tips for promoting facebookEven though your business may have a Facebook page, are you promoting it? Or, are the only people that like your page employees? There are 700 million people on Facebook, and 50 percent of them log on daily. So, why is it so quiet on your company’s page? Keep in mind that most people sign up for Facebook to keep up with their friends and family. If they like your page, there has to be something in it for them.

With this in mind, here are 10 tips for promoting (hint: think marketing) your corporate Facebook page.

1. Business Cards: These are given out every time you meet a new client or go to a social function. What better way to promote your page?
2. Website: Viewers are already interested in your company. Add a link to your Facebook page in order to allow viewers to have a different source of information.
3. Blog, Twitter, YouTube, etc.: Again, viewers are already interested in learning about your company. Add links on these sites to share your Facebook page.
4. Blog posts, Tweets, YouTube videos, Pinterest pins, Google+: Insert links to your page in various articles, tweets, etc.
5. Email signature: When you are emailing all day, a link to your Facebook page would be a handy addition.
6. Advertising: When customers see your ad, they will want to know more. Lead them to your Facebook page.
7. Signage: Don’t forget to promote your page on signage!
8. Facebook Pay Per Click: People are on already on Facebook. Attract them to your page with geographically targeted ads.
9. Point of purchase displays, flyers and other collateral: These items get passed around, so why not add info about Facebook to your signs in your sales center and all of your collateral?
10. Happy customers and testimonials: Post photos of them, and let them share your content, links, etc. This is true viral marketing! Let your raving fans do the work for you.
11. (Bonus) Contests, incentives and promotions on the page: If people that like your page have a chance to win something, they are more likely to click the button.

With these tips, your Facebook page is surely to grow. If you don’t promote it, no one will know it’s there! For more social media help, contact me at [email protected] or 847-259-7312 or visit