Video on the Go

YouTube on Tablet iStockWhile you may have originally bought your tablet for business purposes only, chances are your tablet’s uses are expanding rapidly as available website content continues to grow. In fact, a recent study from comScore found that one in every 10 tablet users views content daily on their device.

Other encouraging statistics include one in every four Smartphone owners are also using a tablet, and users are three times more likely to watch vide on a tablet versus a Smartphone. Statistics also point suggest that Smartphone ownership is a good indicator of tablet adoption in the current market.

Just who is using tablets to view your business’ videos? Tablet users tend to be slightly older than Smartphone users, with more tablet users falling in the 65 and older age segment. Tablet users are also slightly more likely to be female, and to have an income in excess of $75,000.

So, what does this mean for your company? This means that in addition to being mobile friendly, businesses need to concentrate on being tablet friendly as well. In addition, to take advantage of growing audience demand, companies should be producing videos as part of their social media marketing strategy.

If you’re company is looking to incorporate tablets into your website development plan, contact Marketing RELEVANCE.