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We Can Save the Earth One Person at a Time

Conservation TipsWith Earth Day coming up on April 22, we are focusing on what we can do to help Mother Nature. Our lives and careers have become inundated with new technology that may make our lives a little easier, but doesn’t always leave the smallest carbon footprint. However, we can all contribute to preserving our planet through simple actions. The team here at Marketing RELEVANCE wants to help kick start your conservation efforts by providing some ideas for celebrating Earth Day.

Our Chicago and Atlanta Offices recycle all paper, cardboard, aluminum, glass and plastic bottles.

Mitch Levinson, Ben Heisler and Stefan Miller suggest that you donate or recycle your old electronics rather than just throwing them out. There are plenty of toxic components inside electronics, which are safer to have removed by professionals rather than sitting in a dump. The EPA provides a great list of places to recycle your old electronics, or if you’re in the Chicago area, feel free to bring them by the Chicago office!

Carol Flammer uses all natural, earth friendly cleaners in her kitchen.

Delaney Young suggests taking reusable bags along with you on your shopping trips.

Desirae Johnson says that many towns have local initatives that work to keep your hometown beautiful. For example, Keep Paulding Beautiful, “works with Paulding citizens to promote a clean and healthy environment in which to live, work and play.”

If your town doesn’t have a local initiative, Patrick Murray suggests getting together with local friends and family to clean up your community by picking up litter and garabage.

Melissa Bennett makes sure she only runs her dishwasher when it’s full, and she doesn’t pre-rinse dishes. Pre-rinsing doesn’t improve dishwasher cleaning, and you can save as much as 20 gallons of water per load!

Trevor Niemi says it’s a great time to start up your summer garden in Chicago!

Lauren Pond suggests that your wash and reuse your plastic silverware.

Eric Kaplan suggests that during hot weather, you don’t top off your gas tank. Refuel your car or truck in the early morning or the evening when it’s cooler. A small fuel spill may not seem like much, but every spill evaporates and adds to air pollution, and fuel pumps with vapor recovery systems can feed a spill back into their tanks – after you paid for it.

Tracey Berkowitz says you shouldn’t throw out that extraneous sock that doesn’t have a mate anymore. Instead, put it on your hand and dust with it!

We hope that the Marketing RELEVANCE team has inspired you to help save the planet not only on Earth Day, but all year round. What are you doing to celebrate Earth Day? We’d love to know! Please share your earth-friendly tips on this post.