Website 404 Page – Do you have one?

no 404 pageDoes your Website have a 404 page? A 404 page is a generic page built in a website to ‘catch all’ of the erroneous links and bad URLs. Without a 404 page, your potential customers could get a result like this! This is bad for many reasons!

If you have deleted website pages and not redirected the URL or if a person simply has a typo in a page address, this is what they’d get. Not only is this not very pretty, it also is not very helpful for the person searching for information. Even worse, search engines may penalize your site for having bad links!

Custom 404 pageA better option would be to create a custom 404 page. like this one for Atlanta Real Estate Forum,  to catch any potential bad links and erroneous URLs.

With a custom 404 page you are able to redirect your potential customer to other relevant information within your site and you prevent bad links with the search engines.  Isn’t this a better user experience than the example above?

If you are not sure whether you site has a proper 404 page, contact mRELEVANCE for Internet consulting or a full website evaluation and review. We can help you to create and maintain and effective Internet presence.