We’ve Got the Power (to Syndicate)

Public relationsWith the relationships and tools that we have as public relations and marketing professionals, we are able to strike gold on certain stories. Some of the stories that we are most proud of landing for our clients are those that hit syndication and reach readers across the nation.

When we pitch or discover story opportunities for a client and are able to secure an interview that leads to a quote in a story that ends up being picked up by a syndicated news source, the future benefits for our clients are immeasurable.

For example, we recently identified an opportunity for a client to be interviewed by a reporter from the Associated Press. We helped set up the interview and the reporter used the information from that interview in her story, “Smaller homebuilders seeing signs of rebound,” which ended up appearing in print and online news outlets across the nation.

From Oklahoma City to northern Georgia to Washington, DC to San Diego, readers learned about what our client had to say about the trends he is seeing in today’s market. Landing such an interview might just help you spread the word about your business nationwide.

Syndication delivers news to millions of Americans, in local news outlets all over, so your story could show up in the hometown newspaper of your great uncle in Utica, your college roommate in Racine and your first boss in Bakersfield. And it shows up in the most reputable news outlets, those with the most trust and most impact.

Want to get your story told and have millions hear it? Public relations has the power to do that. Contact Marketing RELEVANCE to learn how.