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What Goes into Successful Email Campaigns?

What does your email inbox look like? Crammed, I bet. Well, you’re not alone. We’re being deluged daily by emails…wanted/subscribed or not. Now, do you read all the emails that come in? If not, and you’ve send out email campaigns yourself, how do you know that yours are or will be read?

On the other hand, are you looking to begin an email marketing program but are unsure how to get started? What about an overhaul to your existing email marketing program? At Marketing Relevance we push out email campaigns weekly, both for ourselves and on behalf of our clients. Here, we’ve put together a few ideas that will help you shape your own successful email campaigns.

Define your program

What types of emails should you send?

The goal of a promotional email sent monthly or as needed, is to attract the attention of prospective customers with an offer or incentive to make a purchase.

A monthly newsletter keeps current and future customers informed of specials and incentives, as well as positions your company as an expert. Staying in front of your customers on a regular basis keeps your company top-of-mind and reminds buyers that your company is still one that should be considered for future services.

Creating an automatic system of auto-responders to follow-up and keep in touch with prospects until they buy a product or opt-out of receiving further emails is an effective email marketing strategy.

All (best practice)
It’s best to have a mixture of all these email formats. As they have completely different purposes, combined they keep your subscribers interested and touch on useful information throughout the entire process.

Build your list

You should never stop growing your list. You can encourage future subscriptions by placing a sign up on your website. Place this form on multiple pages including your home page, blog, and any other relevant page where is doesn’t detract from the importance of the page content. This makes it very easy for users to opt-in quickly.

You can also use your social media channels to promote your email list as well as directly asking business contacts. Guest blogging can also be a game changer in so many ways. Not only are you increasing your reach with your content, but having that subscription box on your blog post will entire readers to sign up after they’re done reading your charismatic content!

Make Sure You’re Providing Value

What does the content of your emails look like? Are you providing value to your subscribers? Be sure to address needs, answer questions and provide education. After all, if they don’t value what you’re putting in front of them, they will be too happy to hit the ‘unsubscribe’ button.

Develop Engagement

Strong Subject Lines

Conversion is what you’re ultimately after. If your subject line is to the point, readers will open and click. Most professional email marketers will tell you that it’s better to sacrifice opens than clicks—which lead to conversions.

Calls to action

Provide clear and direct calls to action. Your reader should really want to click because there is an immediate, emotional benefit. Make the buttons really stand out, too. A visually appealing button can make the difference between a click to the desired end, or a click to close out the email.

Make Them Mobile Friendly

Your emails need to be optimized for mobile viewing. 66% of emails are opened on mobile devices today, so if you’re not mobile friendly, you’re out of the game.

Personalize Them

There are many ways you can personalize an email. Most immediately think of addressing them to a name. Yes, adding the recipient’s name is the most obvious, but you can also segment our list to focus on groups of subscribers with similar interests.

Include Visuals

It’s been well documented that visual references not only enhance your content but it makes it more memorable. One of the easiest ways to ensure that readers store your information in their long-term memory is to pair content with meaningful images. You can also Include photos from your social media feed. Not only does this add a personable aspect to your email, but customers are actually 6x more likely to purchase a product if the page includes pictures from social media.

Don’t Overwhelm Your Subscribers

Space out your communication; even schedule select content to go out on certain days. If your readers expect to see a weekend sale email every Friday, they will wait for it with anticipation.

Test, Test and Test again…

Never send anything out without making sure it works properly. Test emails sent to yourself and colleagues will flush out any bugs, typos and errant information.

Above All Track Results

How do you know if your email campaign is actually working if you don’t track it. Create a report or use your email providers reporting function to look at opens, clicks, unsubscribes, new subscribers, and the like. This information is gold when looking to make adjustments and find ways to improve on your campaign goals.

If you are still unsure how to get your email marketing program up and running or if you have specific questions about creating successful email campaigns, please contact us. We’re happy to help. Call 847-259-7312 or visit our website.