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What You Can Do to Earn More Customer Referrals

Yes, there are tactics you can use to earn more customer referrals, but the more important issue is that the act of receiving referrals should be more of a mindset. Once you understand this mind shift, you will most likely see more referrals flowing in and happier customers to boot.

Let’s map out the process of how referrals should ideally work, and then we will go into some tactics of how to earn more customer referrals.

Really Work for It

This really doesn’t mean hounding your current customers to ask them for connections. This means making your current customers really happy…so happy, in fact that they WANT to refer others to you. By providing value and making them happy, you may not even have to ask for referrals.

Offer Help

When you get a referral your first thought is probably, ‘this could be great for our business’. However, shift your thinking to ‘this is great for them because we provide such an outstanding service/product’. When working with your customer identify a particular point at which they are succeeding with the service or product you provide. It’s at this point that they are more likely receptive to providing a referral.

Commit to the Referral

It’s a big deal for someone to refer you. They put themselves on the line with their connection for you. Make sure you commit to providing the best experience possible to this contact. Not only is your reputation at stake, but your current business connection/customer could be as well.

Give Thanks

This is really the meat of the referral. The connection isn’t just a sales lead; it’s a vote of confidence from your customer. Reach out to them to show your appreciation. Let them know that you will do all you can to help their referral succeed. As a matter of fact, have some of the key staff who could be involved with this contact reach out as well. The showing of appreciation will not go unnoticed.


There are also more direct ways of getting referrals, like starting a referral program, offering incentives or outright paying a commission. However, now that you are thinking of referrals in a different light, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can reach out for more connections based on your new mindset.

Build relationships

This will take time, but it’s extremely crucial. Customers need to have built up a trust with you before they go out on a limb to recommend you.

Join a Referral Network

There are great networking groups available all over the country. Once such organization is Business Network International (BNI). Reach out to a local chapter and begin cultivating relationships with other members. The sole purpose of groups like BNI is to provide referrals.

Give a Referral

This may sound simple, but that’s because it is. If you give a referral, someone is more likely to return the favor.

Update your LinkedIn Profile

This is a way to keep yourself in fresh in front of your potential customers. Stay in touch with your connections.

In the end, this shift in how you treat and ask for referrals is a way of bringing a positive transformation to your entire team. If you desire additional help with a referral program please reach out to us. Marketing Relevance can help with both the strategy and tactics to open up your world with deeper connections and earn more customer referrals. Call 847-259-7312 or visit our website.