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What’s the Deal with New Facebook Deals?

FacebookDealsFacebook has joined the social couponing craze with its launch of a new Groupon-esque feature – Facebook Deals. Of course the BIG difference between Facebook and many other couponing sites is the sheer number of users. Facebook has a huge audience with 500 million users worldwide. Because of this, Facebook Deals will not only offer users hyper local deals but also give businesses more exposure than LivingSocial or Groupon would give them.

Each Deals page links to the Facebook page of the business offering the deal. This gives customers easy access to company information such as hours of operation, location and phone number. Every time a Facebook user likes or purchases a deal, unless they’ve altered their privacy settings, it will show up on their profile and friends’ newsfeeds.

Facebook businesses have an automatic and widely trafficked forum to share deals with an entire virtual world of connections. It is genius because businesses will gain more followers while spreading promotions.

Even though some users might not appreciate the additional advertisements and unwanted updates, more businesses will undoubtedly jump on board and take advantage of this new feature. This new tool could be exactly what businesses need to weather these tough economic times and lure otherwise would-have-been customers.

Interested in learning more about this new feature, check out Deals on Facebook. If you are interested in how you can use social couponing in your business, contact mRELEVANCE.