Where Do You Get Your News?

online newsI get most of my daily news from my iPhone. Where do you get your news? More and more of my friends and colleagues have downloaded apps (applications) that allow them to access news when it is convenient for them. In my case I have WSB-TV, The Drudge Report, The Associated Press and the Weather Channel loaded on my iPhone. So although I’m still accessing mainstream media for news, I’m choosing to find out what is going on when I have time and interest. I use Twitter to find out breaking news because news on Twitter happens in real time.

A recent study (December 2010) by Pew Research supports this internet trend. It shows that 41-percent of Americans cited the internet as the place where they got “most of their news about national and international issues,” up 17% from a year earlier. The internet surpassed newspapers as a source of any type of news for the first time with 46% of people saying they get news online at least three times a week.

Only local TV news is a more popular platform in America now. A new survey finds that 47% of Americans get some kind of local news on mobile devices such as cellphones or other wireless devices. (not at all surprising to me.) As of January 2011, just 7% of Americans owned electronic tablets, according to the new survey, nearly double from four months prior. And, 6% of American adults have e-readers.

How do you access the news? We’d love to know.