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Where Will Traton Homes Spring Up Next?

Traton Homes

mRELEVANCE received a silver award at the 33rd annual “The Nationals” National Sales and Marketing Awards for our “Where will Traton Homes Spring Up Next?“ campaign. The Nationals is the nation’s largest competition for sales and marketing professionals and communities and is presented by the National Sales and Marketing Council (NSMC), a council of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), along with Wells Fargo Home Loans; and pays tribute to superior sales and marketing achievements by individual professionals, homebuilders and associates, and sales and marketing councils.

“Where will Traton Homes Spring Up Next?” was an interactive social media campaign in which Facebook users guessed the location of Traton Homes’ next community. The May 2013 campaign consisted of a Facebook Landing page created by our talented team of in-house developers and designers. Facebook users could guess one of eight possible locations for the new community by selecting a flower and filling out a form. The landing page had a spring-inspired theme and when users clicked on a flower/location, the flower “bloomed” into a submission form that included lead capture for the builder (and stayed compliant with Facebook contest rules). The campaign was promoted with Facebook page posts, sponsored posts and Facebook ads. Other social networks were used to promote the campaign, including Twitter, Pinterest, Traton Homes’ Blog and Google+. An e-flyer announcing the campaign was also distributed to REALTORS, prospects and influencers.

This interactive campaign engaged home buyers in a fun and unique way while increasing interaction, brand recognition and the number of “likes” on Facebook. The interactive design was appealing to Facebook users/potential home buyers and incorporated seasonal touches with flowers that “bloomed” when users clicked on a location. The e-flyer was specifically designed to encourage immediate action with a link to the campaign’s interactive landing page on Facebook. Keeping with the theme of the campaign, the email message was eye-catching in design, informative, concise and well-written, and increased participation in the campaign immediately following its distribution. The e-flyer was an integral part of spreading the word about the campaign, with 4,005 individuals opening the email and 515 clicking through to the landing page. The campaign was an immediate success, with instant guesses on the interactive Facebook landing page. This type of interaction increases brand loyalty long-term, creates engagement and trust among consumers and influencers and ultimately helps sell homes.

The campaign was targeted to Atlanta-area REALTORS, influencers and prospective buyers, but as an online campaign, it was accessible by any of Traton’s online/social media followers and influencers. The primary objective was to create engagement and build brand. A secondary objective was to increase the number of Facebook likes (which increased by 310) and to ultimately help sell homes.

Games/contests are effective ways to engage users online. Participants had fun clicking on flowers that “bloomed” when guessing the location of the next community, and learned more about recently announced communities when they rolled over the homes located on the page. Traton Homes was able to increase their database by capturing users’ email addresses as well as increase social media interaction.

This social media campaign illustrates the comprehensiveness of marketing efforts today. It encompassed a wide variety of social media sites, while creating excitement over a new community as well as recently announced communities.

Over the 19-day campaign period, Traton Homes received 246 campaign landing page visits and 100 unique guesses on the location of the next community, as well as a 77 percent increase in Facebook traffic.