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Who Are You?

FB profile photoYou are on Facebook now, and you probably even have a few contacts, but who are you? Does this photo look familiar? I have no idea what percentage of Facebook and LinkedIn users have this same photo, but it is HUGE! I want to know who I’m connecting with on social networking sites, don’t you? Please do me a favor, and yourself, and upload a photo so that I know who I’m connecting with. Chances are that you are missing out on valuable connections because people can’t find you, or even worse, they won’t friend you because they can’t tell who you are.

Here are a few tips for launching your social media profiles (or relaunching them as the case may be)!

  • Fill out your profile completely including your photo
  • Add appropriate contact information like your website, phone and email address
  • Consider using your maiden name if you haven’t been married very long
  • Include your education, both college and high school
  • Make sure to include current and past companies where appropriate, lots of people have changed jobs in the past several years
  • When possible, block your birth year

Hopefully these tips will help you some as you launch your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. As always, feel free to contact mRELEVANCE if you need help!