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Why Do I Need an iPad if I Already Have a Laptop?

With new technology spreading like wildfire, many of us find ourselves carrying around at least one or two, if not three pieces of technology. Some of the new tech tools are great multipurpose pieces such as your iPhone, which can act as your cell phone, camera and mp3 player all in one. However, even with multipurpose tools, there are still a few items we should keep around. A prime example comes from a question I used to ask myself, and that I hear from others multiple times a week: Why do I need an iPad (or other tablet) if I already have a laptop?

The answer is simple.

  • It’s always on: Your iPad (or tablet) unlike your laptop is always on, which makes it great for checking email or finding a piece of information on a website quickly without having to boot up your machine.
  • No “boot up” delay : Apple says iPad takes 15 seconds to boot and get ready, and from sleep mode it takes 4 seconds. How about your laptop? On average, they take a couple of minutes to boot and get ready.
  • Portability: Carrying around a laptop can be burdensome. It’s much easier to slip your iPad into a purse, backpack or briefcase when you’re on the go because they are light and compact. Similarly, using a laptop while walking or standing can be difficult, but with an iPad, you can literally use it anywhere and any way you want with ease.
  • Staying charged: To put it simply, your tablet has a better battery life than your laptop. The iPad 3 will last for 10 hours under “normal” use and the iPad 2 will last for about five hours. Your laptop on the other hand can generally only run under normal use at four to five hours at most.
  • Get results faster: Many browsers load much faster on a tablet than on a laptop because they don’t accept cookies.

Even if you aren’t using both, many of your customers are. They are looking at your business on their smartphone, tablet,laptop and desktop computer, which means your website needs to be mobile friendly.

If you’re looking to improve your customer experience by making sure your company has a comprehensive online presence including a mobile website, contact Marketing RELEVANCE.