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Why Doesn’t Google Love Me?

Does Google Love You?The Internet can be a cold hard place for a Web site looking for love from Google. So, in honor of Valentine’s Day, we wanted to share a few tips on how to make Google love your Web site.

Proper SEO. A Web site with proper SEO is built in a search-engine friendly language and contains appropriate keywords and relevant title tags.
Keywords. These relevant words define your business. Make sure to consider the search volume for these words. Incorporate keywords into the copy throughout your site.
Relevant Title Tags. These appropriate keywords are search-engine targeted and appear at the top of a Web site. If the title tag on your home page has only your name or simply says, “Home Page,” your site has lots of room for improvement.
Fresh Content. Write relevant and interesting content to keep Google and your readers coming back.
Update Consistently. Decide how often you want to update (we recommend twice a week for blogs and blog websites) and stick to it. Inconsistency can hurt your ranking.

If you are still confused and wonder if Google loves you. . .contact mRELEVANCE for a complete Web site evaluation and Search Engine Optimization review. Our Valentine’s gift to you is 10% off this service through the end of the month. Call 770-383-3360 x30.