Why Doesn’t Google Love Me?

Does Google Love You?The Internet can be a cold hard place for a Web site looking for love from Google. So, in honor of Valentine’s Day, we wanted to share a few tips on how to make Google love your Web site.

•   Proper SEO. A Web site with proper SEO is built in a search-engine friendly language and contains appropriate keywords and relevant title tags.
•    Keywords. These relevant words define your business. Make sure to consider the search volume for these words. Incorporate keywords into the copy throughout your site.
•    Relevant Title Tags. These appropriate keywords are search-engine targeted and appear at the top of a Web site. If the title tag on your home page has only your name or simply says, “Home Page,” your site has lots of room for improvement.
•    Fresh Content. Write relevant and interesting content to keep Google and your readers coming back.
•   Update Consistently. Decide how often you want to update (we recommend twice a week for blogs and blog websites) and stick to it.  Inconsistency can hurt your ranking.

If you are still confused and wonder if Google loves you. . .contact mRELEVANCE for a complete Web site evaluation and Search Engine Optimization review. Our Valentine’s gift to you is 10% off this service through the end of the month.  Call 770-383-3360 x30.