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My Brother Built It: Why Doesn’t it Work?

Building a WebsiteOne of the most frequently asked questions we get about websites and marketing strategy is, “How effective is my company’s website?” Every day we hear from frustrated companies whose websites were built by relatives, typically a brother or brother-in-law. This is great if your relative works for an internet marketing company in the industry. Chances are he doesn’t.

“My Brother Built It, Why Doesn’t It WORK?” is a special course from mRELEVANCE that will teach you how to evaluate the effectiveness of your most important marketing asset.

Your website is the foundation of your entire marketing footprint, where messages are developed and syndicated. Your website drives traffic for the entire company. Many companies don’t see results from their websites and have a hard time proving or justifying the effectiveness of their sites. In the worst cases, they can’t get their sites to work at all. Sometimes a few minor tweaks are all you need to increase traffic from the search engines, engage potential buyers and increase contact form submissions. This class will demonstrate how content, functionality and navigation play an important part in keeping buyers on your site, engaging them and ultimately getting that completed contact form or phone call and we will show you how to build an effective company website.

Participants will review the five most common questions to ask when determining th effectiveness of websites at producing leads, prospects or buyers:

  1. Is your site responsive and mobile friendly?
  2. Is your site usable for visitors or is it difficult to navigate?
  3. Are you feeding the search engines properly and often?
  4. Are you capturing leads in multiple ways with proper calls to action?
  5. What key performance indicators (KPI’s) are you following to track goals and conversion?

Driving qualified leads to your website is more important than ever, and ensuring that buyers have a positive experience on your site, whether they visit it from a PC, tablet or smartphone is paramount. If you wonder how Google’s latest changes regarding mobile sites might impact your business, this seminar is for you. Topics covered include marketing strategy, websites and responsive design, the importance of a mobile website, how to develop content, whether blogging fits into your marketing mix, content development, search engine optimization, social media and much more. This popular presentation provides the most up-to-date information on website development, and is a must for anyone thinking of designing a new website or wondering how well their current site works.


This seminar is designed to be a 90 minute session. Request more information here.