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Why Keywords are Important

What happens when you sit down to describe your business and what you do? When you actually write it down, what ‘key’ words did you use in your description? Location, product, quality, results, and effectiveness words are the start to compiling keywords that help your business to be found in the digital world. But how do you go about selecting the best ones to represent your company?

Keywords are single words and word phrases that your prospects might type in the search bar when they’re trying to find companies, products and services. They are also the words in the content we use to describe our products and services on our website pages. Companies use keywords to optimize the reach of their website, and utilizing the right keywords is critical to the success of your search ranking.

Brainstorm…The Best Place to Start

To discover your unique set of keywords, start out by writing down all the words and phrases that you equate with your company. Get your employees involved too, you never know what you may come up with. And don’t limit yourself. Some companies, even small ones use up to a few thousand keywords.

Focus on the RIGHT Words and Phrases

When you described your company above, I’m betting you included, and possibly started with the products (or services you sell). These are the most obvious keywords for your company. For instance, let’s say you own an essential oils business. Some of the keywords you may want to consider could be: ‘oils’, ‘essential oils’, or ’fragrance’. But are they wise? These are very broad words and most likely won’t do you much good if someone types them in.

Concentrate more on those phrases that are descriptive to YOUR business. These types of phrases are typically known as ‘long-tail’ keywords and make up the majority of web traffic. In our example these could look more like ‘therapeutic essential oils’, ‘brand X essential oils’, ‘ essential oils near me’, or even deeper like “essential oils in Columbus OH’. Yes, these terms are more specific and might not get as much action as the broader terms, but people typing in these specific terms are those actually ready to buy.

Repetition is OK…to a Point

It’s ok to reuse the same keyword or words. However, we don’t recommend using them in the exact same form. The meaning behind each keyword should be different. The search engines are smart enough to know that these word phrases are semantically similar to other word phrases that prospects might use. It is good to identify the right words, and then a couple of possible variations of those word phrases. Take ‘oils for example. It’s perfectly acceptable to reuse that particular word but in different forms such as ‘essential oils’, ‘therapeutic oils’, ‘essential oils wellness’, etc.

The biggest take away from choosing the most appropriate keywords is to make sure they closely relate to the content on your web page and site. This then, leads into our last topic of…

Keywords and Content Strategy

The importance of your keyword choices is immense as keywords guide the content on your site and the traffic from the search engines. When keywords and content live happily and effectively together, they reinforce each other. And in the end, the greater goal is make sure Google recognizes and rewards you for this supportive relationship with higher search rankings and more site traffic.

Want to get started selecting your keywords? Contact Marketing Relevance at 847-259-7312, or visit our website to find out more. Let’s talk about how we can help you generate more online interest with the proper keywords for increased SEO.