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Why Nice Guys Don’t Finish Last

Intrepid RadioCompanies are more successful when they are nice! This is the message of a recent Intrepid Radio podcast featuring Peter Shankman, author of Nice Companies Finish First: Why Cut throat Management Is Over–and Collaboration Is In. Marketing RELEVANCE is proud to sponsor this episode of Intrepid Radio podcast, a show that features leaders, authors, entrepreneurs and ordinary people who are living intrepid lives.

In a society where customers talk about your company to the whole world 24/7, it pays to be nice. Remember you can catch a whole lot more flies with honey than with vinegar. By running a company as if every single customer is your friend, you’ll gain a reputation as a company people want to do business with. This translates to the bottom line by ultimately generating more revenue, since people want to work with you. It also decreases your marketing costs, since you can rely more on customer word of mouth and viral marketing instead of expensive marketing campaigns. It goes without saying that happy customers are more likely to write positive reviews on Foursquare, Yelp, Google+, Faceboo, Yahoo Local, Merchants Circle and other review sites.

However, being nice isn’t just for customer service. Everyone from the CEO to the front-line sales people needs to be on board with treating customers how they would want to be treated. Furthermore, being nice translates beyond your buyer to your competitors. Many companies have done well simply because they have a business model of serving the customer first and selling second.

Want to enhance your company’s reputation by being nice? Marketing RELEVANCE is ready to help you transform the way you do business.