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Would You Pass Up a FREE Billboard?

Cover Images Internet Billboard Equivalent

Cover images are the free billboards of the Internet. Are you getting the most out of yours?

If someone offered your company a free billboard on a major interstate constantly clogged with traffic, would you turn it down? Are you laughing right now at how ludicrous the thought of passing up that kind of advertising space seems? Stop laughing, because your company may be doing just that right now online. Cover images on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube are the equivalent of a free billboard on the world’s busiest highway, the Internet. Do you know how to best utilize that ad space?

Very few companies are actually maximizing their usage of cover photos, wasting a free billboard and missing opportunities to promote their products. mRELEVANCE, an industry leader in Internet and social media marketing, has some great tips and tricks for how to best utilize that free Internet billboard, the cover or timeline photo.

Your cover image should be used for publicity and social impact. It should change monthly, and always stay on brand. Be aware that the sizes of cover images change from site to site, and be sure to check its appearance on both a computer and on a smartphone- be mindful of the mobile experience at all times. Use your cover image for incentives, promotion, or anything else you would want to put on your free billboard. Use a consumer-generated photo of real people enjoying your product for an incredibly powerful positive impact on your conversion rate. Hold a contest, and feature the winning photo as a cover image to really drive your traffic and fan interaction skywards.

With the incredible impact real photos have, your cover image should never contain stock images. The industry is seeing a five to seven percent increase in conversion rates after consumers interact with real people’s photos, a two to three times higher conversion rate. Seventy eight percent of people trust recommendations from others, as opposed to only 14 percent who trust advertisements: let your happy fans drive more consumers to you by using their photos.

Your cover image should not be your logo nor contain your logo; there is another place for that: your avatar or profile picture. Leave your cover image free for promotions.

Cover images should never be boring, low resolution, or stagnant. Keep them vibrant and engaging, high resolution, and changing frequently, to best maximize your impact. Make sure to include exciting visuals with images and words. Be catchy! After all, if consumers can’t read your billboard, or it’s so old it’s become part of the landscape, what kind of effect can it have for your company and its bottom line?

By treating your cover photos like the high-value promotional space they are, the veritable free billboards of the Internet, you can maximize your impact online, adding cache to your brand and cash to your bottom line. For more information on digital marketing, contact the experts at mRELEVANCE and let us get that billboard up for your traffic. Reach out to us today at or call us at 770-383-3360.