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You Can Include SEO on a Budget

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important elements to an effective website. However, many companies don’t focus on it enough due to budget constraints. We won’t lie, doing SEO properly takes a huge time commitment and considerable resources and in the business world time is money. That being said, it is possible to do some SEO to your site that can be classified as “budget friendly”. What we mean by that is that the time and effort is on the lower side in terms of SEO tactics. Marketing Relevance has put together a few tips to help build your SEO on a budget that can help get your site boosted in search rankings.

Fresh Content

Content is ALWAYS key. Every time new content is added to your website, Google crawls it and indexes it. That’s why Marketing Relevance feels that incorporating a blog on your site one of the most important elements you can use. While fresh content is important, it must still be unique and relevant to your audience. If you continue to post this high quality content web crawlers will come to realize that your site is valuable to people searching your targeted keywords. This in turn places you higher up the SERP food chain. The amount of fresh new content is also important. Make sure that your site pages have enough readable content for the search engines to understand what the page subject is.

Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Title tags are elements that establish the name of the page and are used in three main places: SERPs, web browsers and social networks. Make sure that your title tag contains keywords that accurately describe the main subject or information contained on the page for the maximum benefit. Keep your titles to about 60 characters. This just helps make sure that you don’t lose important keywords if the description is too long and it gets truncated with an ellipsis (…). Also make sure that each of your pages has a unique title. Your meta-description, although not factored directly into search algorithms is a valuable tool in terms of increasing CTR (click through rate) from the person doing the searching. This is your opportunity for a quick sales pitch of why your website is the one people should visit.


A sitemap is an XML file that is full of your unique webpage URLs. Consider it a library of every webpage in your site. It should be easily found in order for search engine crawlers to access it. Sitemaps are important for SEO because they make it easier for Google to find your website’s pages. And this is important because Google ranks both web pages and websites. It’s important to keep them updated as well, should your site undergo changes. There are free tools to create your sitemap should you need help.

Optimize Internal Link Anchor Text

Google uses anchor text to help determine what a page is about. Instead of using vague anchor text like “Click here” for internal linking, make it relevant to your content and help Google’s crawlers in the process.

Image or Video Attributes

Make sure all your images have “alt tags”. These tags are descriptors that work in two ways. They help those who may not be able to load photos as they state what the photo is, and the search engines use them as valuable content as well. Videos should also be optimized. This means that they are ready to be indexed and rank on the SERPs for relevant keyword searches. You can do this in a few ways:

  • Select the appropriate platform to host your video
  • Insert a video transcript
  • Pay attention to the title and description of the video- using keywords
  • Ensure the rest of the page is also SEO optimized and contains relevant content to the video

Always Be Adjusting

While these are some simple tips for SEO on a budget, it’s still not a set-it-and-forget-it approach. You need to regularly revisit these areas to make sure your site is up to date. Check your Google Analytics to see which pages are your most popular and start with the top two or three. Measure your results and move on to the next. Then check back periodically to see how your adjustments work and continue to tweak as needed.

As you can see there are a few quick methods to help integrate SEO on a budget. However there are many other tactics that go into running a successful SEO campaign. If you find that you don’t have the time needed to devote to developing and managing a full blown SEO program, please reach out to us. Marketing Relevance can help with both the strategy and tactics to get you found. Call 847-259-7312 or visit our website.